Aflive Basic School is located on one of the Islands in Ada. As a result of the location, the school suffered from many infrastructural challenges, the top of them being transportation to and back from school by students to neighboring Islands. Ghandour Cosmetics Ltd provided the school with a canoe with an outboard motor, and with 15 life jackets. The school was presented with various educational materials and aids like exercise books, story books, learning materials, stationery, set of school drums, and a set of school jersey. 


We seek to improve and enhance the process of education. There is always a change of attitude towards school when these items are donated. In Aflive, there was a sudden reduction in lateness and truancy to school. The school noticed a rise in number of students because majority of the neighboring towns could not afford the fares involved in crossing over to the school. The addition of physical educational materials like footballs, jerseys, and socks and increased the participation in physical sporting activities in the school. Most of the homes we’ve visited reported on how happy the students were to receive items and couldn’t wait to begin school for the next academic calendar. 


Our most significant challenge is locating the areas that require the most aid. Most of these schools and homes are not reachable online and at times other methods of communicating are cut off. It takes a lot of effort to access these places and the journey can be very strenuous, we however are not perturbed and are rather determined to make impact into these communities.