New from Princess PAA!

Princess PAA! Carrot Lotion

The Princess Carrot lotion is a luxurious face and body lotion enriched with carrot oil,with
extracts of carrot seeds formulated to protect the skin, leaving dry skin feeling hydrated and soft.
It also helps to reduce age spots and gives the skin a more healthier and youthful complexion. 

Princess PAA! Lemon Lotion

Our Lemon Lotion formula is the ultimate in intensive moisture care for very dry skin. 
A little of this rich, non-greasy super lotion goes a long way. 
Your skin will feel renewed, soft and supple.

Princess PAA! Aloe Lotion

The Aloe Vera content moisturise the skin and helps provide protection
against the damaging effect of the sun and the wind. 
It s amazing properties bring even the driest skin relief, 
being absorbed quickly and effortlessly into your skin leaving no residue. 
It contains anti aging formula.